Keep Your Premises Clean, with our Quality Entrance Mats in Australia

Entry mats are the first line of defense against dirt, grime and moisture making its way through your doors from outside. These mats are specially designed to scrape footwear clean and remove debris before it comes into contact with your floors.

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  1. #1 WaterHog Classic No. 200
    #1 WaterHog Classic No. 200
    incl. GST

    One of our top selling mats for good reason!...

  2. Durable Welcome Entrance Mat
    Durable Welcome Entrance Mat
    incl. GST

    Hard wearing entrance mat, with a high impact, wel...

  3. Eco Legacy Entrance Mat
    Eco Legacy Entrance Mat
    incl. GST

    Combining style, performance and an eco-friendly c...

  4. Dirt Stopper Doormat
    Dirt Stopper Doormat
    incl. GST

    Effectively removes dirt and moisture from footwea...

  5. Super Brush Mat
    Super Brush Mat
    incl. GST

    A heavy-duty mat at an affordable price....

  6. Clean Step Scraper Mat
    Clean Step Scraper Mat
    incl. GST

    Heavy duty, 100% Nitrile Rubber, slip resistant ma...

  7. Entry Plush Mat
    Entry Plush Mat
    incl. GST

    Verstaile, easy to clean, and affordable. ...

  8. Commercial Coir No. 650
    Commercial Coir No. 650
    incl. GST

    Stop dirt at your front door and keep your floors ...

  9. Waterhog Fashion 280
    Waterhog Fashion 280
    incl. GST

    Combines an attractive appearance with a durable f...

  10. Waterhog Eco Premier No. 2295
    Waterhog Eco Premier No. 2295
    incl. GST

    Durable with an attractive Diamond Design. ...

  11. Waterhog Eco Elite No. 2271
    Waterhog Eco Elite No. 2271
    incl. GST

    Heavy Duty Recessed Entry Mat....

  12. SuperNop Entrance Mat
    SuperNop Entrance Mat
    incl. GST

    Made to last for high foot traffic entrance areas....

  13. Tough Rib No.500
    Tough Rib No.500
    incl. GST

    An affordable low to medium foot traffic entrance ...

  14. Clean Room Sticky Mat No. 095
    Clean Room Sticky Mat No. 095
    incl. GST

    Clean Room Sticky Mats.  Sold by the Carton....

  15. Multiguard - No. 220
    Multiguard - No. 220
    incl. GST

    Full Rubber Entrance Mat. ...

  16. Sanitising Foot Bath
    Sanitising Foot Bath
    incl. GST

    Perfect for food processing plants, laboratories a...

  17. Safety Scrape No. 400
    Safety Scrape No. 400
    incl. GST

    Scrapes tough dirt and grime from shoes and provid...

  18. Mud Chucker No. 229
    Mud Chucker No. 229
    incl. GST

    Entry boot scraper for high volumes of mud and dir...

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