Endless Range of Superior Quality Anti-Fatigue Mats in Australia

Anti-fatigue mats are purpose-designed for reducing physical strain on the body, and increasing comfort levels for employees who are required to stand for a long period of time (such as chefs and cleaners, plus retail and hospitality workers, for example).

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  1. Multi Purpose Runner No. 635
    Multi Purpose Runner No. 635
    incl. GST

    Commonly known as the Ute mat this matting is extr...

  2. Workmate Light No. 834
    Workmate Light No. 834
    incl. GST

    A multipurpose anti-fatigue mat that is lightweigh...

  3. Comfort Loc No.585
    Comfort Loc No.585
    incl. GST

    Comfort under foot at its best...

  4. Ortho Stand No. 454
    Ortho Stand No. 454
    incl. GST

    Cushioning Domes for all day support and comfort...

  5. Tubular PVC Matting No. 116
    Tubular PVC Matting No. 116
    incl. GST

    One of our most popular mats for boating and all t...

  6. Comfort Flow No. 420
    Comfort Flow No. 420
    incl. GST

    For Wet, Oily or Greasy areas this mat is perfect&...

  7. Comfort Scrape No. 430
    Comfort Scrape No. 430
    incl. GST

    Great Kitchen mats where oily or greasy floors are...

  8. Interlocking Rubber Mats
    Interlocking Rubber Mats
    incl. GST

    Large area coverage at an affordable price ...

  9. Safety Grip Tubular PVC No. 136
    Safety Grip Tubular PVC No. 136
    incl. GST

    Designed to raise foot traffic from high wet areas...

  10. Solid PVC Matting No. 156
    Solid PVC Matting No. 156
    incl. GST

    High water areas that keep the floor non slip and ...

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